3 meter x 6 meter landscape billboard

Outdoor advertising is the oldest form of advertising and with the continued fragmentation of the media market, outdoor is growing in importance in media mixes all over the world. Broad social trends are favouring outdoor advertising as people are spending fewer hours at home with traditional media and more time in their cars. Our fast-paced society is always on the move!

Consumers can’t turn the page on billboards, change the channel or through it away. The message is reaching your target market all the time, everywhere, every day and this is happening on the most cost-effective advertising medium available.

  • Insight Outdoor owns more than 120 faces throughout Gauteng

  • All these advertising display faces are the same size and can be rotated on a monthly basis for maximum exposure


  • On main roads in the province of Gauteng (Johannesburg & Tshwane / Pretoria)