Townships and Stadiums

Insight Outdoor sees townships and sport stadium advertising as exciting and dynamic with major potential and has identified this route as one of the avenue's to secure growth for the company over the next couple of years in an ever increasing competitive environment. As such we are in discussions with various parties to secure advertising rights to landmark sporting facilities and will be expanding our strongholds on a continues basis.

Soccer was an obvious first choice for the company as it is South Africa's biggest sporting code and has South Africa's biggest captured audience! Soccer stadium branding also holds personal satisfaction to Insight Outdoor as it offers a platform for big corporates to get involved in everyday township community lives where the game is absolutely adored. By giving a little back corporates are uplifting community lives and are getting major brand exposure at the same time which obviously holds financial benefit for the future! Sounds like a win-win situation even though it is simply the right thing to do

Townships and sports advertising allows potential customers to engage with brands in an emotional environment and brand messages are delivered in exciting settings